Podcast: The Evolution of the Seahawks Defense

Matty F Brown joins to discuss the changing nature of Seattle's defense, how and why Pete Carroll altered philosophies, and if Jamal Adams is any good


On the latest podcast, I’m joined by knower of all things Seahawks Matty F. Brown (Seahawks Maven) to discuss:

  • How and why the Seahawks have shifted defensive philosophies since the Legion of Boom

  • What Seattle does in its ‘Bear’ front

  • How the switch to an every-down ‘Bear’ approach has evolved over the past two years

  • What the front means for the coverage

  • How the Seahawks have built a different coverage framework from their static cover-3/cover-1 days.

  • Why the defense moves so much on the back-end

  • Pete Carroll’s theory on defense as a whole

  • What’s up with Bobby Wagner

  • Whether Jamal Adams is any good

  • What Geno Smith has done and can continue to do in Russell Wilson’s absence

  • More